walking in Gloucester...

The second half of my childhood was lived in Gloucester (UK), colloquially spelt Gloster. For five years I would hitch back to the city with an inadvertently misspelt sign: 'GLOTSER' it pleaded. You can imagine it now, my tongue on my teeth as I fashioned the letters with my marker pen, spelling forgot for mark making. It's always seemed appropriate.





'Swimming pool in dry dock, gaps between the houses, kind of place you could get away with murder...'

...walking in Glotser.


For the first half of my childhood we lived eight miles down the road in 'Nam:

"I was walking down the road the other day, this chap came up to me. He said 'I've just got back from Nam.' I said, 'What, you mean Vietnam?' He said 'No, mate, Chelt'nam". - Ted Chippington







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